I’m Fay & I’m a lot like you, even if you don’t think so at first…



I’m the perfectly imperfect daughter of immigrant parents – born in Iran, raised in Canada & currently living in the U.S. 



I spent the first few decades of my life struggling to find a balance between what I wanted for myself, and the life that culture & tradition told me I’m supposed to want…I was living by the BRULES (i.e. BS Rules) which meant a lot of suffering because I wasn’t in integrity with myself.



Professionally, I live 2 lives – I’m a clinical pharmacist & work in the ER at a Level I Trauma Center. And more recently, I started my own coaching business which is very different to the structured world of healthcare.



I appreciate a clean bathroom (toilet paper is nice), powerful shower pressure, great coffee, & deep, soul to soul conversations.



I believe in all things ice cream & struggle when others don’t feel the same way.


I’m an introvert at heart, an extrovert in the ER & a hybrid of the two when I’m wearing my coach hat.


I used to exist in a chronic state of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, shame & people pleasing – and I thought that that was normal.

My drug of choice, my easy button to escape reality, used to be food (& overworking). But then life happened in 2018 when I lost my mom to cholangiocarcinoma.

Watching her succumb to her disease was the life event that shook me to the core & brought me to my knees. It broke me open.

I tried to eat my way through the emotions that ensued, as I watched my growing gutt threaten to rip off the button on my work pants. Sound familiar? We all do this in some way, shape or form. Except your easy button may look different to mine.

We use fancy terminology like ‘unwinding’ to justify our actions, but what we’re really doing is looking for a bandaid to compensate for our lack of healthy coping skills.

We call it a well-deserved reward meanwhile, if you do this on a regular basis, it becomes more of a routine. Wouldn’t you agree?

I was that person too, until I discovered coaching. It turned out to be the perfect fit for me – an enema for my brain. Seriously.

You’re only as limited as your most limiting belief. 

You’re only a victim of circumstance if you choose to make that place your permanent home. 

Nothing in life happens to you. 

Everything in life happens for you and yes, that includes the crappy stuff.

Are you willing to put in the hard work?

To be all in?

To stop playing small?

To work through your stuck stories?

To have your own back no matter what?

I know I am. LET’S  DO  THIS.

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